Social Media Manager Lucy Nesdale has been named as one of Business Insider Top 17 influencer Marketers

We are incredibly proud to announce that our Social Media Manager Lucy Nesdale has been named as one of Business Insider Top 17 influencer Marketers alongside names from Nestle, Seat Geek, Foot Locker, Chipotle, and more! 

Lucy joined our team in 2019 and since then has spearheaded the meteoric growth of Mini Brands to viral status on TikTok, surpassing the 1 billion view mark on #MiniBrands and fostering a community of creators all taking her a queue from her creativity and passion. Congratulations Lucy! 

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Interim report on the four My FIRST JOB programs

It’s wonderful to be able to provide an Interim report on the four My FIRST JOB programs sponsored by ZURU that have been progressively rolling out since July 2020.

In what has been a tough year to implement remote projects like these ones, the Captivating/Shamtse team in China have been working hard and are thrilled to have our support to make these happen and move forward.

As you will see from the smiling faces in the attached update, the results and progress have been amazing for most of the 120 women who started this program.

There is no question these programs have been more difficult to implement this past year due to COVID restrictions, and there has been plenty of creativity and extra effort applied to make it all happen.

Please enjoy a moment to read and reflect on the impact being made through our partnership with Captivating International and the My First Job program.

If you are interested to learn more about the program and organisation, there is plenty to read over on their website here:

Thank you!




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