The party has started and you’re invited! The Itty Bitty Prettys are the sassiest fashionistas at any party! Coming from all different backgrounds they share their love of tea, surprises, and throwing the most epic party!

There are over 35 surprises to be found across the range and 13 beau-TEA-ful dolls to collect and style! Who will you find!?

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Naugh Tea is the sassy rebel of the Itty Bitty Prettys squad! She loves to ‘ spil the tea’ with her squad! With her super sassy outfit she has the attitude to match! Naugh Tea will keep you on your toes with her sassy and witty remarks! Don’t try and predict her next move, this sassy rebel does things her way and will always leave you wanting more!
Naugh Tea
Meow! Kit-T-Kat loves Kittens just about as much as she loves her super sassy red sparkly cap! She’s a wild life warrior and sooo passionate about her furry friends! Kit-T-Kat is fierce and fiery and will always stand up for her friends! If you need help Kit-T-Kat will always be there!
Kit T Kat
Sugar Q is our resident unicorn loving Itty! She loves everything whimsical, magical and fun! Sugar Q believes in the never ending magic of Unicorns and that just a hint of glitter can make a difference to any situation! Sugar Q has a heart of gold and is a friend to all!
Sugar Q
8-Tea-8 is a Rockstar at heart! She is the life of the party and always has her music ready to perform like a star no matter where she is! 8-Tea-8 is the coolest chic on the block and loves to entertain her friends with her beau-tea-ful singing voice and ultra stylish outfits, she’s always stage-ready!
Chai Chai is sooo sassy! With her super cute kitten ears she’s always ready to bring purr-fect style to any par-tea! But don’t mess with this sassy diva’s perfect cup of tea unless you want some spilled milk!
Chai Chai
Ginger Tea is such a trend setter! With her super style and gorgeous accessories she’s always ready to strut the catwalk or host ultimate tea party! This southern debutante has glamour just dripping from her gloved hand. She is absolu-tea-ly the hostess with the most-est!
Ginger Tea
Roxette is the ultimate sass Itty! She brings her fun and sassy attitude to every tea party and always knows how to brew the perfect cup of tea! Roxette is so passionate about Girl Power! She knows that when she gets together with her Itty Bitty Prettys squad there is nothing they can’t accomplish!
Royal Tea is the sass and stylish Queen Bee of the Itty Bitty Prettys squad. This golden babe is a southern bell with charm and sass to spare! Royal Tea is a Queen with so much to do! Her busy schedule means she is pretty rare and hard to find! So it’s always sooo exciting to discover her at your Itty Bitty Prettys tea party!
Royal Tea
Techno-licious! Spice has her finger on the pulse of every new trend! Her stylish outfits and sassy accessories are always complimented by the latest gadgets on the market! Whether she is partying on the dance floor or reviewing and adapting the latest technology trends, this smart and stylish Itty Bitty will always have the answers you’re looking for!
Saucer has a passion for fashion! Her unique style brings a sassy and contrasting flair to any Itty Bitty Prettys tea party! Saucer believes that her animal friends are one of her greatest gifts! When she’s not out and about looking after her mini friends she loves bringing them along to par-tea with her Itty Bitty Prettys squad! Saucer brings glam to a new level with her faux print outfits and funky hair to match!
Sipper-Ella is a fairy princess with so much sass and style! Her gorgeous sparkly wings allow her to arrive at every tea party in the mostly fairy fabulous way! With magic in her finger tips, Sipper-Ella loves to sprinkle fairy dust around every par-tea! If you’ve got three wishes send them her way! Sipper-Ella always uses her magic for good and to help her friends whenever she can!
Spark-i-licious! Bubbleena is the most stylish mermaid loving Itty you’ll ever find! When she isn’t soaking up the sun by the ocean or swimming the mer-walk under the waves, she and her Itty Bitty Prettys squad are sipping tea and having the most fabulous par-tea ever!
Sugar, spice and everything nice! Sweet-Tea is such a sweet heart! Sweet-Tea is a dancer at heart and loves to twirl around with her Itty Bitty squad. Whether she is pirouet-tea-ing around in her ballerina tutu or adding a spoonful of sugar to her tea, she is a wonderful friend to have at any par- tea!

Itty Bitty Prettys Teacup Dolls Playset  +25 Surprises Inside! Including…

1 Giant Expandable Teacup Playset, 2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pretty Dolls, 1 Convertible Table Top, 1 Teapot, 1 Teacup, 1 Spoon, 1 Hairbrush, 2 Saucers/Doll Stands, 2 Magic Teabags, 2 Fizzing Cubes, 2 Swappable Outfits, 2 Sets Stylish Accessories (including shoes, jewellery & eyewear and more), 3 Packets Cotton Candy Dough: 3.0g(0.11oz) each, 1 Mini Teapot, 2 Mini Teacups, 1 Set Tableware, 2 Sets Treat Decorations, 2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pets, 1 Collector’s Guide

Itty Bitty Prettys Little Teacup Doll Assortment  +12 Surprises Inside! Including…

1 Teacup, 1 Surprise Itty Bitty Pretty Doll, 1 Magic Teabag, 1 Fizzing Cube, 1 Swappable Outfit, 1 Set Stylish Accessories (including shoes, jewellery, eyewear and more), 1 Saucer / Doll Stand, 1 Mini Teapot, 1 Mini Teacup, 1 Packet Cotton Candy Dough: 3.0g(0.11 oz), 1 Set Treat Decorations, 1 Collectors Guide