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Smashers Dino Ice Age 8-Pack by ZURU

SMASHERS DINO ICE AGE 8-PACK: It's time for the ultimate FREEZE… with Smashers Series 3 Dino Ice Age Surprise! Explore the Arctic world of the wackiest and iciest Dinos you'll ever meet. Smash open the NEW Smash Egg to find what's frozen inside! Includes 6x Dino Ice Age Smash Eggs w/ 1x Slime Surprise, 2x Smashers and 1x Collector's Guide.


• SMASH AND COLLECT: Over 50 new Icy Dino Characters to collect and trade with friends

• CHASE THE RARES: Find the 5 Rare Dinos including the Blizzard Brontosaurus, the Snow Snake and more ! Look for the ultra rare dino that glows in the dark !

• SMASH IT AGAIN: Rebuild your Smash Egg with the new Ice-Age Rebuilde.

• MAKE IT DIGITAL: Download the Smashers App to track your collection any time.

• UNFREEZE A NEW SMASHERS WORLD: Smash open the frozen Smash Egg and collect 'em all!


PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6x Dino Ice Age Smash Eggs, 2x Smashers, 1x Slime Surprise and 1x Collector's Guide.



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  • Fun surprise dinosaur eggs
    2020-11-09 by MAMAj
    My daughter loves dinosaurs and loves smashing the eggs to find the surprises inside. You can reassemble the eggs with some finesse.
  • Small wonders
    2020-10-20 by Nikki
    Great addition to the giant egg. My sons loved the addition
  • 2020-09-15 by Elysa
    My son loves these. Despite the characters generally being the same he does enjoy breaking them open.
  • Definitely recomend
    2020-09-12 by celia
    Super fun toy to unbox, my kids love Smashers, they enjoy to smash those little eggs. definitely recommend!!
  • Fun toys
    2020-09-11 by Vanu
    Fun dinosaur eggs, my nephew loved it
  • 2020-09-11 by Kimberly
    Repeat fun putting eggs back together
  • So cool
    2020-09-08 by Natasha
    These are so cool and fun. We had a blast with these
  • Smash over
    2020-09-07 by Beckie
    This is a fun you to smash open and great little toys inside. You can reassemble to smash again!
  • Love that they can be remade!
    2020-09-05 by Flnfrmheaven
    These are so cool! I have seen eggs that you push and open but my daughter had so much fun smashing these open and seeing which character she got. I had no idea these eggs could also be rebuilt until we opened. Such a great idea to add extra play!
  • Cool surprise eggs kept us all in suspense!
    2020-08-18 by Robert
    These things are really neat. Our family of four each had two to open. Gave all the toys to the kids obviously but we will be picking more of these up!
  • 2020-08-18 by RICHARD
    A must add to collection.....smash to see what you got. Fun toys.
  • Grandson fun
    2020-08-17 by Linda
    Great fun and easy to put back together
  • Loved them
    2020-08-10 by Glendaly
    My kids loved these.... First they loved the get to pull the apart to find the toy inside. Its very good quality great for the price.
  • smashing fun
    2020-08-07 by sarah
    Boys love to break stuff, right?? YEP! These are so much fun and kept my kids entertained. They wanted more after smashing all of these and playing with them for most of the day. We will definitely be buying more.
  • 8 Mystery Eggs
    2020-08-02 by Alejandro
    Great addition with the Ice Rex. 8 Mystery Eggs with chance to get a rare one!!