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Robo Fish Robotic Swimming Fish by Zuru

The new ZURU Robo Fish by Robo Alive with a SPLASH are the most iconic real- life robotic swimming pets ever! Drop them in water and watch them swim in 5 different directions and dive up to 6ft as ZURU’s water activated technology bring these fish to life like magic! There are 6 colours to collect, and they even have water activated color change! These realistic fish make for the perfect pet or prank toy!


• ZURU ROBO FISH: Drop your Robo Fish in water and watch it come to life with ZURU’s advanced water activated technology! These fish swim in 5 different directions and dive up to 6ft!

• WATER ACTIVATED + COLOR CHANGE: Watch your Robo Fish magically change colour when dropped in water! When you remove the fish from the water, you can then rub your fish with your hands to return the colour back to the original for repeat play!

• HYPER REALISTIC: Robo Fish look and move just like real allowing you to prank your friends and family time after time!

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Robo Fish, 1 x Instruction Manual. Batteries included.

• ZURU ROBO ALIVE: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they're real! They're more than alive - they're Robo Alive!


1 x Robo Fish, 1 x Instruction Manual



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  • Need this
    2021-08-17 by yi
    This is our third robo fish. My kids really enjoy them so we need to build a family!
  • Keeps kids entertained for long period of time!
    2021-08-12 by Lyndsey
    My 5 yr old and 3 yr old are obsessed! We let a towel down so we dont make a mess. The fish turn off automatically after about 5 minutes so the batteries dont run out. I will be getting them more for Christmas. They have so Much fun with these new
  • Love
    2021-08-11 by Tomi
    We are building up a great little collection of these fish! The kids have so much fun being able to play with these in a bowl of water or the bathtub. I love that they are at a price point that makes it possible for me to buy several of them without breaking the bank. We love our pets alive!
  • Fun in the pool
    2021-08-11 by Dino
    The kids love these robot fish, they play with them in the pool, their movements mimic real fish which is awesome!
  • Realistic Fun
    2021-08-10 by Daisy1979
    The Robo Alive blue fish looks so realistic swimming and diving in the kids swimming pool. Just drop the little robot fish into water and watch it go. So much interactive fun for kids and adults of all ages.
  • It's like a real fish!
    2021-08-10 by Olive
    This little robot fish is super cute and swims automatically in water. Once it's out of water it will stop to swim to save battery. It swims in random directions and also changes colors (more visible when it's dark). My kids love playing with it while swimming and I feel it's a great way to encourage kids to swim.
  • Added to my real fish tank for fun
    2021-08-09 by Guillermo
    I purchased the yellow orange one. I have a betta fish, and have had him for over 8 years. He doesn't move much and it is a large fish tank for a tinny fish. I added this fish in there (with a divider of course) and I think the Betta fish liked him. The fake fish swam and moved like the real one. It is fun to watch and people think it is real. I think having different color ones in a tank would look really cool. Recommend for a fun piece with very low maintenance.
  • Works great and super fun for bath time!
    2021-08-05 by Zuru Customer
    Works great and swim when dropped to the water. Besides it comes in a case to store!
  • best pet ever
    2021-08-02 by Beverly
    The girls a really digging these little fish and can't wait to get more. They already have names for this and the ones they want.
  • Low cost Pet Alternative
    2021-08-02 by Chloe
    I am not a pet lover by any means but this is a great alternative for those parents who are like me. It doesn't have to be fed and are fun and come colors that change. My kids love it and no body is asking for more goldfish they're asking for more colors of Robofish Lol
  • Great alternative for the real fish
    2021-08-02 by Cristie
    I don't think we can handle another fish loss so we got this electronic fish. My kids love it and enjoy watching it in the fish bowl. Tip, do take it out the water after they are done playing with it. It drains the batteries is left in water
  • Cool Toy Fish for the little ones
    2021-08-01 by Randhi
    This is so cool. Amazing toy pet that dn't need taking care of and feeding. My 3.5 year old spent so much time playing with this. The adults in the house had fun too. We are definitely going to by the other colors. The Fish automatically turn off aftr abt 4-5 mins to save the battery. Definitely recommend this toy.
  • Super cute!
    2021-07-30 by beth
    These are just so super cute! I put them in a container of water and the cats went nuts! they thought they were real. We also put them in the swimming pool. They can go pretty deep. The kids had fun trying to catch them while swimming. In the water, the movements look real. Almost hard to tell they are not.
  • Love these!
    2021-07-29 by oldtd
    These fish are awesome! My grandson has collected 4 of them and just loves them. They swim like real fish. My only complaint is that they are supposed to color change and I don't think we have seen that.
  • 2021-06-30 by Andrea
    I got one for my cats and they love to play with it. I will more than likely go and get another robo fish. If you're a cat owner, I definitely recommend getting one or two for your cat!