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Robo Alive Ferocious Roaring Dragon Battery-Powered Robotic Toy by ZURU

Feel the burn or freeze in your tracks with the Robo Alive Fire Breathing or Ice Blasting Dragon. Hear it roar and watch out for its deadly bite!


• Realistic head motions and walking action.

• Terrifying Roaring and Fire/Ice breathing effects

• Deadly robotic bite!

• Light Reflecting Eyes


1x Dragon 1x Instruction manual



59 reviews
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  • Robo Alive Roaring Ice Dragon
    2020-11-08 by msrvega
    My grandson love it
  • Great for dragon loving kids!
    2020-10-28 by Katherine
    My daughter saved up her money for this dragon and she loves it!
  • 2020-10-17 by nicole
    My grandson loved this present for his 4th birthday. Cool sounds and movements.
  • Aweome
    2020-09-15 by Patsy
    This was a gift for my Granddaughter and she LOVED it. Built heavy and worked perfect and life like
  • Fear the Cold!
    2020-09-05 by Mark
    Sounds and lights are awesome. Very cool looking! Grandson sleeps with it*.*
  • Was a hit!
    2020-07-19 by Glamma
    My 4 year old grandson loves it ! Walks , roars and mouth lights up . Perfect if your kiddos are into dragons .
  • 2020-07-16 by Michele
    It said it breaths fire like a real dragon but it only lights up smh
  • Bought both Fire and Ice Dragons
    2020-07-15 by kyuzon
    Fire dragon is a real hit, especially with its counterpart, Ice dragon.
  • 2020-07-08 by Walleymum
    This dragon is pretty cool, he lights, sounds and walks. My son asked for him for his 6th birthday. The price was the best on walmart so for the price and birthday wishes i decided to get it. Definitely worth, awesome quality, fun interactive toy. Six year old still plays with it a month after receiving. He loves dragons.
  • 2020-07-03 by bzgma
    this is big and loud and lots of fun!
  • My kids love it !
    2020-06-23 by Joan
    LOVE this toy and all the sound effect it makes. I received the ice version for my oldest but of course when one kid gets one the other kid wants it too So I had to get my youngest one. I was happy to see there is this fire version one. Now they play together so nicely. It?s made with such great quality ! Kept my boys entertained for a long time. Great gift or good to get for your own kids.
  • 2020-06-19 by Kenneth
    My 4 year old grandson loved it! He was excited to see the box but once he opened it he was extatic!
  • Ice Dragon
    2020-06-08 by guzzies
    Our grandson loved this! It moves across the floor, lights up and roars. We gave him the Blue Ice Dragon as well and they are a perfect pair!
  • 2020-06-06 by RICHARD
    I had to get this as I got the other. Great value. Let kids play with toys and not video games. Super fun for a couple of kids.
  • Fun for dinosaur lover
    2020-06-05 by
    My daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs so I got this one for her. She loves that it walks, growls, and the eyes light up.