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Robo Alive Crawling Spider Battery-Powered Robotic Toy by ZURU

Robo Alive Crawling Spider is the scariest pet ever. Pick it up if you dare. Then let it loose to frighten your friends with real skin-crawling super fast movement - and a freaky, furry spider body!


• Super fast running ability

• Realistic Colouration and Features

• Robotic Enhanced Motion


1x Spider 1x Instruction Manual



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  • Great Toy
    2020-06-23 by Sheri
    I bought this for my cats to play with. They chase it. I have as much fun watching them as they do.
  • 2020-04-17 by Me
    Bigger than I expected, scary, well done quality
  • Crawls creepy
    2020-02-23 by TheWayer
    My cat loved it. Only worked on linoleum not carpet. Got stuck under the fridge, Didn’t realize it was that low so be careful. Crawls nice and creepy like so that was cool. Looks creepy too. Makes loud sound that attracted cat. Has on/off switch. Worth the money more or less for what I intended it for.
  • 2020-01-12 by prankwarwinner
    Best 5 bucks I ever spent! traumatized a co-worker several times! Yes she deserved it!
  • Perfect for creeping out grandma
    2019-12-04 by SarahTho
    I bought this for my toddler for Halloween and O My did he love this thing! He thought it was so funny. He now uses it to scare unsuspecting visitors like poor Grandma. Quite fast and a good price for some amusement.
  • Creepy
    2019-10-08 by Fairywinkle
    My son and his cousin will have a blast with these spiders at Christmas when they open them Iam sure they will have great fun together trying to scare everyone and the bonus for me is they will be great as Halloween decorations that move so I will have fun with them to lol great toy for the price
  • Great toy
    2019-10-02 by Kolomari
    Bought this for my son as he is starting to get I to bugs and spiders. He absolutely loves this spider. Runs well on flat hard surfaces, easy on/off switch. Wish the legs moved independent.
  • Creepy cool
    2019-09-29 by Smk87
    My son absolutely loves the spider. They’re pretty realistic and neat in the movements especially if you don’t know it’s there and a little punk kid scares the c*ap out of you with it. he’s been having a blast planting them places and scaring friends and family.
  • Fun little toy!
    2019-09-28 by Jesslyn92
    My sons absolutely loved these spiders! They are quick and look really realistic. Good quality little toy for the price. They had a blast playing with them!