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X-Shot Water Warfare Pressure Jet Water Blaster by ZURU

The X-Shot Water Warfare arsenal has arrived for extreme water blasting action. The latest addition to the arsenal is the Pressure Jet, a pressurized water blaster that let's you soak your opponents by simply pressing the trigger. Pump it before getting into action, and you're all set to win whatever water war just a press away!


• PRESSURE JET: X-Shot Water Warfare Pressure Jet blasts water from up to 35 feet / 10 meters - leaving your opponents drenched from a distance, to help you win the water fight. So sneak up and give the competition a surprise blastage!

• WATER CAPACITY: Our Pressure Jet can hold a lot of water in the tank! 1100 ml / 39 fl. Oz. of water can fit inside the blaster, leaving you more time to play and less time to re-fill! Don’t let its size fool you; this blaster is the best for ultimate soakage!

• SUMMER FUN: The X-Shot Water Blaster arsenal has arrived for extreme aqua action. This Soaker lets you drench the competition in an epic water fight!

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x X-Shot Water Pressure Jet Water Blaster by ZURU.

• X-SHOT PROMISE: Our mission is to deliver value to our fans worldwide. Our 'UP YOUR GAME' promise is to provide a combination of design excellence, market leading quality and unbeatable prices.


1x Pressure Jet



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  • Great fun for 5-year old
    2020-06-23 by Susan D
    Fun water gun! My 5-year old has recently discovered the x-shot water guns and is obsessed! This one fills quickly and shoots far. She loves the pump action. It’s gotten a lot of use in the first few weeks.
  • 2020-06-23 by lori
    amazing how big this gun was i thought it was smaller my grandson loved sprayed really well will be great for summer
  • Perfect for summer fun
    2020-06-22 by
    This water gun holds a great amount of water and the range is pretty good. It’s simple and easy to fill with water, the mouth of it is pretty big to make sure it fills pretty quickly. Also it is easy to hold and has a long range. So far the water guns works great. The quality is good and I think it is durable enough. My son had a blast with it.
  • 2020-06-18 by Richarx
    Larger than expected. Kids loved them. I had to buy two more. A few pumps and the water squirts a long way and for awhile too. Great fun.
  • 2020-06-18 by mamax2kels
    My kids really enjoy playing with this water gun. I was surprised at how big it was. Lots of fun for summer !
  • thick powerful stream
    2020-06-17 by Layla
    This is a great watergun! I recently bought my sun a super soaker and it had a little tiny stream and was super disappointed. This water gun has a thick power stream,and my son was super impressed!
  • Great summer toy!
    2020-06-16 by Mandi
    We were really surprised at how far this shoots! I know my son will get lots of use out of this toy this summer. Happy with my purchase.
  • Im a kind again.
    2020-06-16 by Maria Urrutia
    Im an adult forgetting I’m one while using this gun I being having way to much shooting my nephews with this water gun.. the shot reach a pretty good range the pressure ain’t as hard so it don’t hurt to spray them with the water gun.
  • Awesome!
    2020-06-15 by Anum
    When I purchased this water Blaster I thought it will be a small water gun but when I got the box and saw it i was astonished to see it’s super big size. Awesome water Blaster, I will give this to my son and I am sure he is going to love it. It could be a great birthday gift!
  • Strong and big water capacity
    2020-06-14 by Alejandro A
    Strong spray and water capacity is insane. You will have a great water war with this bad boy.
  • Grandson loves it
    2020-06-12 by
    Great guy my grandson loves it he plays in the pool with it. Shots me with it the more you pump it the farther it shots.
  • Very powerful with a big water capacity
    2020-06-12 by Alejandro A
    Very impressive of everything that blaster provide. Not only is it big and powerful, the water capacity is insanely large.
  • Great summer toy
    2020-06-12 by Mamax2kels
    My kids love playing with these water guns on hot summer days. Great value for the the price.
  • Just keep going
    2020-06-12 by Tanner
    This blaster is awesome! Once you pump it up you can keep blasting for close to 20 seconds over pretty good range (probably like 25-30 feet) would recommend
  • 2020-06-12 by Mother of one
    Love the product!! keeps my kid entertained