X-Shot Laser360° Double Laser Blaster Pack (2 Laser Blasters, 2 Goggles) by ZURU

X-Shot Laser360° brings the ultimate laser tag experience and takes blasting fun to the next level. Multiple sensors integrated in the goggles of the players create a 360° infrared signal around the head and body of the player and enable you to tag them from any direction.

Includes: 2x Laser360° Laser Blaster 2x Laser360° Infrared Goggles

  • cheap good blaster
    2021-08-27 by wickedtroll
    only downpart is that i cant seem to find extra dartclips on the internet nor in store
  • Great gun
    2021-08-27 by Goofydad
    Great gun, quality dispite the somewhat cheap feeling material. Only issue i have , i cant seem to find the magazine clips for sale anywhere so you Dint need to refill that 1 magazine thats included
  • Great blaster
    2021-08-22 by Greta142Spark Review
    My girls had hours of fun playing with this blaster. The little blaster only holds 6 rounds but the bigger one holds more. I like that these blasters are spring powered and not requiring expensive batteries. The pump handle is sometimes hard to pull back but my daughter has strong hands so it was never a problem to her. It shoots fast and hard so be careful with little kids. It is aesthetically appealing with its catchy colors. They are pretty powerful so make sure to not aim directly at people because it stings a little and if you fire outside there are chances you will not be able to find the balls. We lost a few. Overall, it's a good toy!
  • 2021-08-22 by Rk
    Great value, quality guns.
  • 2021-08-21 by Beverly Frank
    Safe to use in the house. I have those bullets all over my house! Fun!
  • Amazing Toy!
    2021-08-21 by sbkaqk5Spark Reviewe
    I received the X-Shot Excel Double Kickback Double Reflex 6 Foam Dart Blaster Combo Value Pack (48 Darts 3 Cans) by Zuru in return for my honest review. My daughter absolutely loved this, and had so much fun playing with me as well as with her friends. It is a great activity that allows her to be physically active, get off the tablet and phone, and have fun. I absolutely recommend others to try it out as well!
  • 2021-08-20 by Michelle L.
    I got this for my son, he picked it out it’s an awesome nerf gun we all play with it so many different functions, awesome deal on it too, my son loves it he’s 7.
  • Cool set great value
    2021-08-19 by Vg6187Spark Reviewer
    Aside from the difficulty of getting it out of the box quick enough with the plastic posts in the back of the guns for the kids and dad to battle - this set was easy to use and came with awesome accessories for a great value! The Zuru toys provide good quality and fun for the whole family!!
  • 2021-08-19 by Jenny L McBride
    I purchased this for my nephew. He absolutely loved it. It went together well. It handled nicely. It comes with plenty of the foam projectiles.
  • Great Product
    2021-08-18 by Beachgirl402Spark Re
    All I can say is Wow !!! My two boys play with this toy for hours on end ! It???s fun for all ages . This was definitely a great toy to test out .
  • X-Shot Excel Double Kickback Double Ref
    2021-08-18 by qqaas8Spark Reviewer
    X-Shot Excel Double Kickback Double Reflex 6 Foam Dart Blaster, so much fun to play with it. my kids love it a lot.
  • 2021-08-17 by Ashley
    The kids love it. Super durable. As you know kids throw and kick toys and it has stood the test. Easy to reload and aiming isn’t too hard. 10/10
  • Lots of fun
    2021-08-17 by Bonds0086Spark Revie
    I let my sons open and play with this demo. They immediately began to run around and shoot each other with the balls. The guns were easy to load and fire. There needs to be distance between the players because the balls can hurt, especially small children. They enjoyed playing with them. Our dog also loved chasing the balls after the boys fired them. I would recommend this product to any child who is responsible enough to handle playing with this type of toy and being careful how they shoot each other.
  • Great outdoor fun!
    2021-08-17 by Lorelei9992Spark Rev
    This toy is hours of fun and the kiddos get lots of exercise.
  • ZURU X-Shot
    2021-08-15 by SandyB4Spark Reviewe
    The Orbit works near flawlessly. Smooth operation. Comfortable pump grip. Compatible with nerf brand and dart zone brand balls. High powered for a unmodified toy blaster. This is a win all around. I highly recommended it!!
Thursday 27 May 2021

An incredible result to have three of our brands each win National Parenting Product Awards!

Glove a Bubble, Bunch O Balloons, and X-Shot Dino Attack have all been recognised as the best toy within their category. This is an awesome achievement made possible by the entire team! #nappaawards #nappawinner #playlearnconnect

Thursday 27 May 2021

X-Shot Dino Attack blasters. Make sure you grab yours before they’re extinct!

“ZURU’s X-Shot blasters are always the real deal – and these Dino Striker blasters are no exception!” ​Check out our feature in The Toy Insider below 👇

Monday 19 October 2020


SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Rubik’s Cubes Among the Brands Getting Miniaturized! The hot miniature collectible trend takes a whole new spin with the introduction of Toy Mini Brands, a range of realistic miniature replicas of classic and contemporary toy brands from award-winning toymaker ZURU.  Through a partnership with Nickelodeon/Viacom, …

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Guess which of our toys won Hottest Summer Toys 2020 by Toy Insider?

That’s right, our X-Shot Fast Fill and our Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons are THE toys you must get this summer! An outstanding achievement for two of our most incredible brands! The Toy Insider’s Spring & Summer Toy Guide features more than 200 of the best, brightest, and coolest spring …

Thursday 28 May 2020

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise & X-Shot Fast-Fill nominated as Top 10 Toys in Germany for 2020

We are excited to announce that Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise & X-Shot Fast-Fill have been nominated as Top 10 Toys in Germany for 2020. Finger’s crossed we see those two bring back an award in May! The “TOP 10 Toys” has been the hit list for toys and leisure items in …

Tuesday 19 May 2020


Haven Global, the Worldwide Agent for Vlad and Niki has signed a global partnership with ZURU, who will launch a full range of toys and games in 2021.  The range consisting of toys and games will capitalise on the exposure of the YouTube channel, by capturing the fun and excitement …

Wednesday 06 May 2020


ZURU™, the fast-growing global toy and consumer products company, announced today that the company acquired Glove-A-Bubbles, winner of The Toy Association’s 2019 Outdoor Toy Of the Year. Created by Ogosport and sold to market by outdoor and games experts Zing, Glove-A-Bubbles is a wildly popular glove with holes that make …

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Zuru expands X-Shot fast fill range

Zuru remains committed to the water-blaster category with extensive growth plans for its X-Shot range. Since the brand’s launch, Zuru’s X-Shot has experienced huge success and growth. Most recent figures report that the X-Shot brand has grown globally by 35% y-o-y (2018:2019) and enters 2020 with two additional SKUs. Joining …

Wednesday 26 February 2020

ZURU Co-Founder Anna Mowbray Named 2020 Wonder Woman In Manufacturing; On A Mission To Change The Way Toys Are Made

Powerhouse ZURU Co-Founder Anna Mowbray Named 2020 Wonder Woman In Manufacturing; On A Mission To Change The Way Toys Are Made Accolade Celebrates Young COO’s Innovative Commitment To Manufacturing Excellence, Automation, Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Giving Back Within the Toy Industry ZURU Announces Progress After Year One of Industry-Leading Ten …

Wednesday 20 March 2019


ZURU 5 Surprise Mini Brands – New Collectible Series Available Now NEW YORK (March 20, 2019) – Blind surprise reveals, miniature collectibles and the fun of shopping come together in ZURU’s 5 Surprise Mini Brands, a new series from the award-winning toymaker in their top-selling 5 Surprise

Thursday 06 December 2018

Award-winning toy designer and manufacturer, ZURU.

X-SHOT Fast-Fill With a fill-time of just ONE SECOND, the brand new X-SHOT Fast-Fill is the ultimate water blaster. Kids can refill their blaster in no time and get back to the water-blasting action long before their opponents. The Blaster has been designed to allow it to be filled anywhere, …

Monday 08 October 2018


Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2018 — Global toy powerhouse, ZURU, is thrilled to announce that CEO Nick Mowbray received the 2018 New Zealand EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award. Mowbray will represent New Zealand at the 2019 EY World Entrepreneur of The Year awards in Monte Carlo next year. Mowbray was also …

Monday 06 August 2018


Leading international toy and consumer products company, ZURUTM, announced today the launch of innovative new products and a global marketing campaign for the company’s award-winning X-ShotTM foam dart blaster toy line in an effort to become a top contender in the foam dart blaster category. The digital-focused global campaign kicked …

Wednesday 01 August 2018


Up your game with ZURU’s new X-ShotTM Flying Bug Attack! X-Shot Bug Attack is the innovation line, take down real flying targets with the phenomenal Swarm Seeker blaster. Load up the foam darts into the auto-sliding side clip, place the flying bugs onto the motorised launcher, press down to release …