Welcome to the Magical World of ZURU Sparkle Girlz!-Dress Up Dolls and Pretend Play

Sparkle Girlz RC Car

Get the whole Sparkle squad ready to go cruising in the ultimate party on wheels. The Sparkle Girlz RC car comes with a magical wand for controlling it’s 360 degree movements and has space for 2 dolls to hop in and go for a ride.

Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess Dolls are always ready for an adventure. Their royal outfits are full of shimmer, shine and lots of unicorn magic. These colorful royals love rainbow style, including their long locks that you can brush and style, don’t forget their crowns!

Sparkle Girlz Winter Princesses

Sparkle Girlz Winter Princesses are the frosty fashionistas with warm hearts! These glam girls are always ready for the winter ball with their elegant outfits and long hair to brush and style.

Sparkle Girlz Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Princesses are classic cuties with so much style. Waltz into the sparkle kingdom where they rule with kindness, compassion and fashion! Brush her long her and even swap their outfits around for a whole new look.

Sparkle Girlz Fairy Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Fairy Princesses are equal parts sparkle and sass. With their glittery fairy wings, these gorgoeus babes are always ready to fly into an adventure with friends. These fashionable fairies are dressed to impress with glittery outfits and even a little fairy magic streak in their hair.

Sparkle Girlz Hair Dreams

Big hair, don’t care! Sparkle Girlz Hair Dreams dolls are all about big hair and funky fashion. These glittery divas love getting dressed up and styling their long locks into the cutest hairdos! Big bouncy curls or long wavy locks, there’s no limit to how these dolls can be styled. Unbox 5 hidden surprises to style these cuties and get them totally glam!

  • Perfect gift
    2020-11-20 by Rayna
    Very good quality. The colors was awesome. Perfect gift for the little ones !
  • Cute and fun!
    2020-10-31 by CYNTHIA
    I actually bought this doll for my younger daughter who was absolutely obsessed with unicorns, then accidentally bought it again when I saw it in the store. I got home and realized she already had it. My older daughter was delighted to get the extra doll and they are excited to have twin sister dolls. They think the dolls are cute and they can play with all the doll accessories they already have!
  • Great addition to doll collection
    2020-10-30 by Stacy
    Such a great addition to my daughters doll collection. She has play house and school with the fairies and minis
  • Long silky-smooth hair
    2020-10-21 by Sarah
    Purchased for granddaughter. Lots of color and the hair is long and silky-smooth. Very beautiful. Outfit is removable and standard sized clothes fit easily. Packaging is easy to remove; your child can do it. Stylish clothing and shoes too. Great product!
  • Cuteness
    2020-10-20 by nichole
    Very cute toy. My daughter saw it and her face turned into an instant smile. I love it because she can use it with her doll house and its easy to store!
  • Beautiful!
    2020-10-18 by Yevheniya
    These dolls were are great addition to my daughter's doll collection! Bright and sparkly! Great quality and a price!
  • So many options with Zuru!
    2020-10-14 by Roberta
    My daughter loves all things unicorns. Add unicorn and princesses and you have a winner! Much better value than other brands and just as special to her - even more so because they have unicorn horns. I love there are different hair, skin colors and clothing options. Would be great as a surprise or present.
  • Our first unicorn Sparkle Girlz! Love her
    2020-10-12 by Flnfrmheaven
    My daughter is unicorn obsessed! And we have a small collection of the Sparkle Girlz already-so we've already been fans. I love her little horn and the fun little colors. Her arms, legs, and head move too with play. We love her
  • Recommend
    2020-10-05 by Julia
    Made very well. Love the unicorn ears. The colors are very vibrant. Daughter loves it!
  • Super cute and a great bribe!
    2020-10-05 by Alyssa
    I got this as a bribe to get my daughter to learn her sight words and it worked amazingly!! She loves unicorns so of course she was obsessed with this doll, and she got her work done!
  • Great quality
    2020-10-01 by Jenae
    My girls LOVE unicorns. But are tough on toys. I waited to see how this would hold up against my kids and she has done great. Usually things are gone and broke before you know it. The cute little horn and ears are still in great condition after their playing with it so much. Shows great quality.
  • Great price
    2020-09-28 by MANSOORA
    My daughter loves this unicorn themed doll. She is just beautiful with her dress and hair. My daughter is very happy to add her to her new collection of Sparkle Girlz. Great price for this beautiful doll.
  • Super cute doll
    2020-08-27 by Maria
    I love the fairy mu daugher loved it too
  • Unicorn Princess for the win!
    2020-08-26 by Livinwithlittlesfam
    A unicorn princess, yes please! My daughter is so excited to have a unicorn themed doll. She is just beautiful with her dress and hair. Very pretty face too. We are happy to add her to our collection of Sparkle Girlz. Great price for this beautiful doll.
Wednesday 23 January 2019


ZURU, is excited to announce the company’s acquisition of Sparkle Girlz, the 10 year old doll brand developed by Danuta Saville as Funville…