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Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2

Rainbocorns Series 2 is the ultimate surprise egg! There are 10 layers to hatch including cuddly new plush, surprise sequins, and even more layers of surprise than before! There are 13 new characters to collect including Llamacorns, Pandacorns, Unicorns and even a rare golden Flamingocorn. Brush their sequins to reveal what they love and collect them all! Find more surprise like stickers and ooey gooey Rainbocorn poop hiding in the new egg too! There are over 40 new Boo-Boocorns designs to collect, including the rare twin Boo-Boocorns!

Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise

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  • Very cute toy, great price and many surprises!
    2021-03-02 by Krystle
    I bought this for my daughter for christmas She is 3 years old. She actually saw this on a show on youtube called Adley so she really wanted it, as she loves Adley. She loved this toy. Totally worth the price. There are so many different things inside besides the stuffed animal. There were stickers, fake nails, a little toy, stamp, slime(which isn't my favorite) but its not a lot of slime
  • Fun and unique
    2021-02-28 by joanna
    The stuffed animal it comes with is so soft and so cute! My daughter loved it! The nails are actually pretty sticky so they stay in her little nails longer than normal. Shes already saving her money to buy another.
  • 2021-02-26 by Ashley Collins
  • 2021-02-25 by DCros
    We gave these to our girls in their stockings. The loved the surprise of opening these to find out which animal they would get. Great gift for kids.
  • 2021-02-23 by Rebecca Nelson
    My niece loved this gift. What a great deal for the price. She was so excited to open all of the little gifts. I would recommend this as a gift.
  • 2021-02-23 by Ryan
    Wonderful gift! My daughter loves it!
  • 2021-02-20 by Jhon Martinez
    A mi hija le encanto este regalo
  • 2021-02-20 by Donna Burger
    Kid loves it very cool love how the front can change
  • 2021-02-19 by occasionalinternetbu
    Our granddaughters love these. They are a surprise;however, you can know what's inside by the floating items in their hearts. The talking is why they are special.
  • 2021-02-19 by Kara
    My daughter love rainbocorns!
  • 2021-02-19 by F Tucker
    Granddaughters love them !!Age 5, 8 & 9
  • 2021-02-18 by Big Bill
    Over priced
  • 2021-02-17 by Amy
    My daughter is thrilled! It repeats what you say or plays music.
  • Great gift!
    2021-02-17 by Jami
    Perfect gift. 4 year old loved it!
  • 2021-02-17 by Jami
    Cute gift idea for 4 year old
Friday 06 November 2020

Many of our ZURU toys have made the Toy Insiders Top Holidays toys list

We are excited to announce that many of our ZURU toys have made the Toy Insiders Top Holidays toys list. ​ 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2, Rainbocorns Sweet Shake, Itty Bitty Prettys, Dino Smashers Ice Age Surprise, Fifi the Flossing Sloth and OOSH Hairy Slime, have all been recognised …

Friday 30 October 2020

ZURU Toys wins once again the National Parenting Product Awards!

We have received great recognition once again at the 2020 NAPPA Awards. Rainbocorns Sweet-Shake, Rainbocorns Big Hair, Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup playset, Pets Alive Frankie, Pets Alive Fifi and Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise Epic Egg, have all received this award. The National Parenting Product Awards or NAPPA is …

Thursday 28 May 2020

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise & X-Shot Fast-Fill nominated as Top 10 Toys in Germany for 2020

We are excited to announce that Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise & X-Shot Fast-Fill have been nominated as Top 10 Toys in Germany for 2020. Finger’s crossed we see those two bring back an award in May! The “TOP 10 Toys” has been the hit list for toys and leisure items in …

Tuesday 19 May 2020


Haven Global, the Worldwide Agent for Vlad and Niki has signed a global partnership with ZURU, who will launch a full range of toys and games in 2021.  The range consisting of toys and games will capitalise on the exposure of the YouTube channel, by capturing the fun and excitement …

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 won Plush Toy of the Year Australia

2020 Product of the Year Awards The ATA Program of Awards is an integral part of the Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair as it aims to celebrate the outstanding performances achieved by our industry through products, licenses and individual successes. With the exception of the ‘Judges Choice Award’, which …

Tuesday 10 March 2020

ZURU™ Rainbocorns™ Sequin Surprise Series 2 plush was awarded the “People’s Choice” award won during the Toy Association’s 2020 Toy of the Year Awards

ZURU™ Rainbocorns™ Sequin Surprise Series 2 plush was awarded the “People’s Choice” award won during the Toy Association’s 2020 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY) Friday night. The prestigious recognition came as the toy pulled in 147,000 votes from consumers, and marks the third TOTY Award for the fast-growing international …

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Winners of Toy of the Year and Supplier of the Year Awards 2019 announced

The awards were presented at a gala event held in Olympia’s Apex Room following the first day of the 67th annual Toy Fair. Companies received recognition for their products and services. TRA chairman, Alan Simpson, revealed the Toy and Supplier of the Year Awards. We are excited to announce that …

Thursday 06 December 2018


Since introducing Rainbocorns to the global market in July, leading international toy and consumer products company ZURU hasn’t looked back, recording unprecedented sell-through worldwide.  This new range of collectable plush combines some of the year’s hottest trends, such as unboxing, unicorns, and sequins – and if global re-orders are anything to …

Tuesday 24 July 2018


Leading international toy and consumer products company ZURU, announced the launch of Rainbocorns, a new range of adorable collectible character plush that combines some of the year’s hottest trends in toys, including unboxing, unicorns, and sequins. Bursting with rainbows, sparkles and magical surprises, Rainbocorns are ‘born’ in a mystery egg …