At home Activities for kids
At home Activities for kids
Boredom Busting At-Home Activities from the team at Zuru

Fantastic opportunity to join ZURU whilst we are going through substantial growth and become a valuable member of the design team with great short and long term careers development prospects...

Family Dance Off

Dance along and get grooving with Boppi and Bonnie! Pick a song and choreograph a family dance together. Who’s got the best moves in your family?

Bunch O Balloon Splash Tag

Give Tag a summer twist!’ There’s no better way to cool down while still enjoying the summer warmth than with Bunch O Balloons. Simply: 1. Fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds 2. Give everyone their own bucket 3. Fire away! 4. Last competitor standing wins 5. Rinse and repeat!

Catch the Splash

Do you think you can catch as good as Odell Beckham Jr? Test how safe your hands are with Bunch O Balloons! Simply: 1. Fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds 2. 1 person stands 20 metres away from the other person with the bucket 3. The person with the bucket throws a balloon way up in the air 4. The other person has to try to catch it without it splashing! 5. If they do, they get a free throw at you! Tip: If you want to make it even harder, try doing it with one hand!

Rainbocorns magical word search! How many can you find?

The Rainbocorns have hidden some of their favourite words in this wordfind with all their magic! Do you think you can find them? I’ll give you a hint for one, you should look out for a ‘surprise’!

Rainbocorns Draw-off

Gather all your Rainbcorns together and take turns drawing your favourite one. The first person to guess which Rainbocorn it is, then gets to have a turn drawing! Use as many colours as you can! Can you make yours sparkle?

The ultimate Mini Brands DIY collection masterpiece

Do you have the ultimate Mini Brands collection? Think you’ve got the best the world has ever seen? We believe you and we want to see it! Create an outstanding DIY presentation piece, just like this one from our biggest fans and tag us on Instagram!

Never-wet Sand Castle Party with Oosh!

Never-wet sand is the perfect at-home beach activity so you can enjoy the joys of summer from your own backyard! With Oosh Never-wet sand, you can build the ultimate sand castle, without all the clean up! Show us your best indoor sandcastles by tagging us on Instagram!

Smashers Colouring Pictures

Download your favourite smashers teams and bring them to life with whatever colours you love! Yellow? Red? Blue? It’s up to you! Share your favourites with us, we’d love to see!


1, 2, 3, RACE! Line up your Robo Alive Lizard and Robo Alive Snake for an epic race around the lounge! Who's your fastest Robo pet?

Bunch O Balloons Dodgeball!

Take your game of dodgeball to the next level by playing with Bunch O Balloons!’ Simply: 1. Fill up 100 balloons in 60 seconds 2. Line up two even teams opposite each other 3. Fire away! 4. Last team standing! If you catch one, the person who threw it is out! But if it explodes, you’re out! Be careful and have fun!

Family Water Balloon face-off

Arguing about who's doing dishes tonight? Settle the debate with a Bunch O Balloons fight! Have the ultimate showdown of parents vs kids and whoever loses is on clean up! With 100 balloons ready in 60 seconds, this is the quickest way to settle the argument!


It’s like a Pinata, but in summer! The best way to cool down and have fun, hang up some water balloons from a tree or the washing line and swing away blindfolded! If you aim well, you’ll soak everyone around you!


1 Choose your favourite X-shot blaster.
2 Place targets around your home.
4 Hide in a tactical spot and get ready to start blasting!
5 Begin moving through the house and backyard hitting all of the targets.
Once all of the targets have been blasted away, you have won the target battle!


So you can juggle, huh? What about with Zuru Bunch O Balloons?!